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            This product is a high quality PIC microcontroller development board,it uses USB and an external 5V DC power supply, leave ICSP debug interface (Note: must be purchased separately programmer or emulator to download programs to the development board) PIC-Circuit Debugger (PICKit2 & ICD2, etc.), or programmer (K149 & K150, etc.) to facilitate debugging, download. Completely independent of the IO port design, the microcontroller to open the peripheral circuit using jumper to take on, take the jumper pulled out a minimal system can easily expand the transfer circuit is not the board jamming, freedom of the peripheral circuit and MCU design shorted cap and the DuPont line to achieve a variety of experiments. BK300 + PIC development board has a wealth of on-board resources, catch the PIC microcontroller's internal resources, full of learning applications. BK300 + PIC development board learning applications, as well as incidental to the development board schematic and routine study reference, each routine to do the detailed notes from the simple to the complex layers of depth. Users can easily, convenient grasp of the PIC's internal resource utilization and system software development.


  • PIC16F877A chip come with the development board
  • The DIP40 locking device, easy to remove the PIC microcontroller for reuse
  • 8 independent LED light emitting diode (Marquee experiments)
  • 4  digital tube
  • 1 * 3 independent keys
  • 3 * 3 matrix of buttons
  • DS1302 Electronic Clock (electronic clock experiment)
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor (temperature detection and display)
  • Application of AT24C02 external memory
  • Internal EEPROM read and write
  • Buzzer (single-chip voice, music)
  • The MAX232 chip RS232 communication (ibid. machine communication)
  • All the way to the ADC input conversion (AD conversion experiments)
  • 1602 LCD interface (character display)
  • 12864 LCD interface (Chinese characters display, image display, man-machine interface)
  • USB power supply
  •  DC-machine interface (PWM to achieve speed)
  • Stepper motor interface
  • Infrared receiver
  • 1 channel relay
  • PS2 interface
  • External reset circuit
  • And debug programming interface (to connect the programmer or emulator to support online debugging / download)
  • IO ports have extraction and clearly marked