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       The switch using the metal material, manufacturing, electrical characteristics similar to the mercury switch but not the risk of mercury switches and environmental issues, while there shaking single wizard through the same characteristics, the assembly more convenient to use security. The work features: switch in the resting state, as shown in (ON) side is lower than the level of 15 degrees, the switch in a conduction state; switch in the OFF state (OFF) side is lower than the level of 15 degrees; when be subjected to shaking and shaking force, or set the conduction angle range, the electrical characteristics of the conductive pin will produce a short-term or continuous conduction. When the electrical characteristics of the resumption of the open state (OFF), the switch to set the environment must be as static, and the open (OFF) side settings must be less than the horizontal angle. The switch all the materials to use environmentally friendly raw material to manufacture, ROHS compliant. When the switch OFF side below the horizontal angle of 15 degrees, the shaking is difficult to trigger conduction. The switch applies to trigger low current circuit, does not apply when the power switch. The switch is a sealed package, dust, water. Series ball switch of the switch conduction effect, the highest sensitivity.


  • SW-18020 series is spring type, Non-direction vibration induced trigger switches, any angle can be trigger.
  • The series of switches, at the rest is open circuit “OFF-state”, When the external force to touch and reach the corresponding vibration, Or move in speed to reach the adequate centrifugal force. The conductive feet will be conduct instantaneously “ON-State”. When the external force disappear, the switches will be revert the “OFF-State”.
  • Switch have the identification “P” at the bottom, for completely airtight;
  • The series of switches, different model has different sensitivity.
  • In the normal, the switches lifespan can be reached 200,000 cycles.
  • Suitable for the toys, anti-theft alarm system, electronics scales etc electronic product.
  • It doesn’t have a direction, normally it’s open circuit inside, and it turns to close when it is shaked  instantly, and then turn to open again when motion is gone.
  • Voltage: <12V
  • Current: <20mA
  • Conductive time: 2ms
  • Closed resistance: <30 ohm
  • Open resistance: >10M ohm
  • Temperature range: Storage: -40°C to 80°C, Operating: -40°C to 80°C
  • Pull force of terminal: 500gf for 1 minute
  • Humidity: 95% RH, 40°C for 96 hours